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Step 2. Outside

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Roof Material  Double Roman Plain Tile Slate Pan Tile Flat Roof Other please specify

Roof Location  Front Side Back On Extension Other please specify

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Roof Pitch

Roof Access
Please describe the ground in front of the roof and your recommendation for access equipment. e.g. ladders, scaffold, platform, tower etc.

Eaves height

Proposed Panel Type

Step 3. The Loft

Type of Loft Space

Electric Light

Please state the dimensions of the loft hatch (mm) if cylinder is to be put in the loft

Please list any potential pipe-run problems

Length of pipe-run in metres

Condition of Felt

Step 4. The Boiler

How is the hot water heated?  Combi Boiler Boiler & Cylinder Electric Immersion Instant Heater Other please specify

Type of Fuel

Hot Water Pressure

(a)From tank in loft

(b)Mains Pressure

Does the central heating system have a separate header tank?

Step 5. Airing Cupboard & Cylinder Space

Dimensions of Airing Cupboard (mm)

Size of existing hot water cylinder

Height (mm)

Capacity of existing hot water cylinder(litres)

If no hot water cylinder is present, is there space for one?

Is there a mains power socket available?

Please give details of the proposed location of the Pump Unit/Controller

Is a temperature mixing valve to be fitted?

Is work required on Airing Cupboard?

Step 6. Other Comments

Please attach a sketch of your existing hotwater cylinder, showing all connecting pipes, sizes, location of immersion and drain-off. Use dotted lines to show pipes behind the cylinder.

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